Restaurante Carmen: calçotada en Barcelona

Calcotada 101

Traditionally, a calçotada is a late-winter/early-spring barbecue held out in the open air, at which grilled calçots (a kind of spring onion) are eaten, followed by grilled meat (most typically butifarra, a Catalan sausage, and lamb cutlets) all of which is washed down with copious amounts of red wine. It gets messy, so you really need a bib for it 😉 !.

If you fail to make Catalan friends who invite you to one, Cristina recommends us a restaurant in Sants…

  • Nombre: Restaurante Carmen
  • Dónde: Valladolid 44 [mapa], Metro Plaça de Sants (L1 o L5) o Sants-Estació (L1 o L3)
  • Me gusta: Toda la información que tienen en su web sobre los calçots: receta de romesco, orígenes, etc.
  • Cuándo: Si no puedes disfrutar de una calçotada fuera de la ciudad, es una muy buena opción.
  • Para: Una calçotada
  • En la web:
  • Nos lo recomienda: Cristina.

Metropolitan has a great little guide (in English) on how to throw a calçotada if you want to try it in the back garden.

Further help with the vocab in the comments…

De tapas por Barcelona

There's more to tapas than just tortilla and patatas bravas, and this is a good week to find out…

Las tapas – con el permiso de la paella – son las estrellas de la cocina española. Si quieres comprobar que hay vida más allá del pincho de tortilla y de las patatas bravas, sal de tapas por Barcelona.

Esta semana (del 21 de febrero al 3 de marzo) puedes disfrutar de las mejores tapas en diferentes bares de la ciudad, ya que se celebra la 6ª edición de la fiesta gastronómica De tapes per Barcelona.

Los bares que participan ofrecen una tapa especial y un quinto (una pequeña botella de cerveza) por solo 2,40 euros.

Aquí puedes consultar la lista de bares y la tapa que sirven.

¡Buen provecho!

Autumn in Barcelona

Autumn in Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

It's that lovely time of year in Barcelona now when you just about need a light jacket in the morning but can leave it in the office if you go out for a lunchtime stroll and will definitely want to take it off if you're sitting on a café terrace in the sunshine.

You really couldn't call it "autumn" at all, though you'll see panaiets in all the bakers and chestnuts being roasted and sold in the streets.

To appreciate the true colors of autumn, you probably want to get away from Barcelona as far as the Montseny (about 60km) or the magnificent countryside of the Garrotxa (about 140km), for both of which you really need a car (or be a really serious cyclist).

As you can see, for our photo, we had to make do with the display in the baker's window (plus half a dozen panaiets, just to actually taste autumn!).