Books about Barcelona to take home with you

Casa Tosquella

Casa Tosquella, in the barrio of El Putxet i el Farró | Photo: Tom Walton

If you're looking for a book to buy as a present tomorrow — Sant Jordi — there's a wonderful collection entitled Barcelona: Carnet de Voyage, published by the Ajuntament de Barcelona.

As you can see in the photo, above, the books in the series have urban art drawings of some of the well known (and less well known) buildings and other scenes in the different districts of the city.

In the picture, the Casa Tosquella (Ronda General Mitre, 219-225 [map]) is one we've mentioned before. It dates back to 1906, and was designed by Eduard Balcells i Buigas, one of the less well known Modernista architects possibly before the road it's on — General Mitre — became Barcelona's ugliest street.

See also the photos of Casa Tosquella we've posted previously — here, here and here.

If you have a favourite district of Barcelona, they make a wonderful souvenir of the city. If you have any trouble finding them, try the Sala Ciutat, just off the Plaça Sant Jaume.

Note the rose bookmark in the photo above, on sale for charity, Thursday 😉 !

Books and bookmarks for Sant Jordi

La ciudad de los prodigios

One for Sant Jordi — with an eco-friendly bookmark | Photo: Tom Walton

It's Sant Jordi on Thursday this week so we thought we'd make a couple of recommendations for books that you might like and which might make you a nice souvenir of Barcelona.

Reading is such a great way to improve any language and we've in fact now got quite a large section of books we recommend if it's Spanish you're learning.

In that section you'll find several by Eduardo Mendoza [ Wikipedia ], including two that are wonderful historical novels about Barcelona, set approximately in the period 1888-1929 — La verdad sobre el caso Savolta and La ciudad de los prodigios. Both are fascinating to read if you're interested in the history of Barcelona.

You might also like Sin noticias de Gurb, also by Mendoza, about an extraterrestrial who comes to Barcelona but then misses his spaceship back home (!). You could get stuck in worse places 😉 !

(The eco-friendly bookmark in the photo, by the way, we made from one of last year's surplus brochures, for the rose, and a used Metro ticket for the base | Video | Instagram.)

Barcelona souvenirs with a difference

Galerias Maxo

Galerias Maxo View on Instagram | Image: IH Barcelona

Galeria Maxo
On our new Instagram account, one of the things we've add is this, Galería Maxó, a souvenir-shop-with-a-difference, which is a 5-minute walk away on Portal Nou 29 [map].

As you can see above, one of the things they well are 3D pictures of Barcelona, not of the usual picture postcard places but many of which you will recognise (the umbrella house, top left above, for example…?) if you are at all familiar with Barcelona.

They make great souvenirs of the city!

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Todo sobre Barcelona

Una guía de Barcelona.
Un libro de ilustraciones.
Una lectura entretenida.
Una forma de poner a prueba tus conocimientos sobre la ciudad.
Una forma de practicar el español.
Una forma de visitar Barcelona.
Un bonito recuerdo.
Un libro bonito.

Todo eso es Todo sobre Barcelona, la guía ilustrada de Jaume Vidal y Pep Brocal que publica Norma Editorial. Puedes ver una muestra aquí.

Don't miss the Sketching Barcelona exhibition

We love the Sketching Barcelona exhibition that's on at the Sala Ciutat [map]. It was supposed to finish at the end of September, but has been extended (we think until November 8).

If you want a souvenir of Barcelona, the artists' sketchbooks make for a wonderful momento of the city.

The Sala Ciutat (just off the Plaça Sant Jaume) is one of those places that are always worth dropping by: they have some great Barcelona-related exhibitions (not to mention quite an interesting bookshop).