Abandoned fishing boats

On the beach

On the beach at Badalona | Photo: Tom Walton

Badalona is 10km up the coast from Barcelona and chances are you won't go there when you come. But for somewhere quieter to lie on the beach, or a nice long walk or cycle ride, it's well worth catching the train out from Plaza Catalunya.

The fishing boats look as if they were abandoned there to rot, years ago. But not so very long ago, within living memory, the towns up the coast — and further up on the Costa Brava — were small fishing ports.

One place you should go, if you are interested in the history of Barcelona, is the Barcelona Maritime Museum, which is very close to the foot of the Ramblas.

Sitges film festival, 4-14 October

About 40km south of Barcelona and easily accessible by train, Sitges is somewhere to go for a day at the beach, or for its nightlife.

For the next ten days it's also home to the Sitges Film Festival, now in its 40th edition. If you like your films to have titles like The Devil's Chair, I'm a Cyborg But That's OK (aka Saibogujiman Gwenchana), Sukiyaki Western Django, Confession of Pain, The City of Violence, American Zombie and Los Totenwackers (etc.), you'll just love this.

If not, the beach is right down that way…!

On the waterfront, Barcelona

From the coast of Barcelonaā€¦ | Photo: Tom Walton.

On foot, there's a lovely walk along the Barcelona seafront. Get off the Metro at Ciutadella (Yellow Line, L4) and the beach is five minutes' walk away. From there, you've got 4km of great beaches to lie on — and a great place for a stroll, a jog, or a leisurely bike ride.

To come back, you could walk, or you can take the Metro from El Maresme | Forum (also L4).

By bike, you can ride way beyond the Forum up the coast, which is right at the end of the Diagonal, through Badalona and Masnou to PremiĆ  de Mar (about 16km from the Forum), with barely a car in sight.

In the photo above, you can just make out the Barcelona skyline on the horizon, with Montjuic the hill on the left, the power station at Badalona the chimney just right of centre.

Feeling energetic? You could also take the train to PremiĆ  and walk back… Want somewhere a bit less crowded to sunbathe? Including Badalona and PremiĆ  you've got six stops with nice beaches (and many more beyond PremiĆ )…

Barcelona beach: read all about it

Barcelona's beaches

Now that's official: you can swim and there are no jellyfish!

On the Barcelona Local Council's excellent BCN.cat website there's a great section on Barcelona's beaches — where they are, how to get there, what flag they are currently flying and so on.

As Magdalena had previously suggested that jellyfish are a feature of Barcelona's beaches, it amused us to discover that the site actually features whether or not there are currently any in sight (no, as you can see!)

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