This week in Barcelona: dancing eggs and the Sonar Festival

Dancing egg at the Museu Mares

Patio del Museu Marès | Photo: Tom Walton

It's suddenly got really hot in Barcelona: all the more reason to come with us to some of the cool places we have on the social programme this week!

  • Tuesday 13th | Come with us today to explore the bohemian district of Gracia [general information | map]: interesting history, lovely architecture, great bars (and, in August, a great festa major)! We'll also be seeing one of the less well-known Gaudí works, the Casa Viçens (16.00).
  • Wednesday 14th | First laid out in 1791, the Laberinto de Horta is one of the most romantic of the hidden corners of Barcelona (as well as being one of the settings for Tom Tykwer's 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer). Come along and see it with us (16.00).
  • Thursday 15th | Come with us today to see some of the lovely patios of the Barrio Gótico and one of Barcelona's most curious traditions: l'ou com balla, aka the dancing egg, which is something you will only see during Corpus Christi.
  • Friday 16th | Kick off the weekend — and practise your Spanish — at our Friday Club language exchange (in the bar/on the terrace, 19.00-21.00).

Join us in Spanish Reception (C floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

Also this week | It's the 24th edition of the Sónar Festival this week (June 15 to 17), which TimeOut reckons is one the world's top 50 music festivals.

Viernes: Músicas en el Born

Todos los viernes de otoño se están celebrando conciertos gratuitos a cargo de los profesores del Conservatorio Municipal de Música de Barcelona en el Born Centre Cultural.

Por ejemplo, este viernes día 14 tienes un concierto de piano y percusión, el próximo viernes un concierto de jazz, un concierto de música de cámara para instrumentos de viento el día 28 y el viernes día 5 de diciembre un homenaje a Adolphe Sax, inventor del saxofón, de cuyo nacimiento se cumplieron doscientos años el pasado día 6.

Del 23 al 2 de noviembre: Festival IN-EDIT

in-editVuelve el festival de documentales sobre música: el IN-EDIT. Del 23 de octubre al 2 de noviembre, mucha música en pantalla grande.

¿Existe un sonido Barcelona?

¿La guitarra sirve para hacer música o ruido? ¿O es que puede ser lo mismo?

¿Realmente la música amansa a las fieras?

¿Quieres saber más sobre Nick Cave, Fela Kuti, Freddie Mercury, Frank Zappa?

Si esas preguntas resuenan en tu cabeza… ¡IN-EDIT!

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The Mundial and what else is on in Barcelona

Graffiti, Glories

Graffiti, Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes | Photo: Tom Walton

The World Cup, anyone…? There's lots of other stuff on, too, if you happen to thing the €700,000 each player gets if holders Spain win it again is just plain wrong

  • Tuesday 10th | Our "Barcelona y el mar" walk today takes us down to the port and the seafront, and to the barrio of Barceloneta, for a different perspective on the city (16.00).
  • Wednesday 11th | This afternoon we're going to Gaudí's amazing Park Güell, for many visitors to Barcelona the highlight of their visit to the city. Note there's an entrance fee of €8, but we think it's somewhere you just must go when you come to Barcelona (16.00).
  • Thursday 12th | Come with us today to see one of the districts of Barcelona that modern architecture has transformed, the area between Glòries and the Forum, and see one of the city's most distinctive landmarks, the Torre Agbar [photos, here and here]. Look out for some great graffiti (example in the photo, above) while you're down there (16.00)!
  • Friday 13th | It's Tuesday not Friday 13th that's supposed to be unlucky in Spain, so don't be put off coming to our Friday Club language exchange! In the bar/on the terrace, 19.00-21.00.

We meet in Spanish Reception (C Floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above. See you there!

Also this week
The World Cup [ Guardian | ] kicks off Thursday, with Brazil-Croatia (kick-off 22.00 Barcelona time). The Spain-Holland game is Friday (21.00), with England-Italy (kicking off at midnight Sunday) being among the biggest games of the first week.

Meanwhile, just in case any of you happen to detest football, there's always the Sonar Festival (June 12-14), "Barcelona's 21st International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art".