Competition for Sant Jordi

Mi vida en solo 6 palabras

Mi vida en solo 6 palabras | Poster: Malin Andersson and Gabriela Picano

We've borrowed the idea for our annual Sant Jordi competition from a book that came out recently — Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.

What we'll be doing in class is getting you to write mi vida en solo 6 palabras — my life in just 6 words, in Spanish, that is.

You can see the poster for the competition above, will find the rules here, and will see that we already have a few entries.

If you're unfamiliar with Barcelona and Sant Jordi (Saint George, that is), and why he's important to us here, then you might also want to check out this, on un libro y un rosa — the book and the rose that make for a wonderful local tradition.

Fun learning Spanish verbs

En la clase de Cesar

Learning Spanish with Cesar | Photo: Tom Walton

Cesar (seated, far right) had his classroom door open the other day as I walked by. I walked back as it struck me that those were people that were absorbed and enjoying themselves — it's one of those things that you can sense when you've spent your life in schools. Would they mind if I took a picture…?

"Yes, I think they were enjoying it," Cesar said in the staffroom afterwards. "They're Beginners, and we were doing some revision of verbs, which can be a bit heavy-going, but we were playing a game and, yes, it was fun…"

Learning should be fun…!

En nuestros bolsillos…

En la mochila de Jake

En la mochila de Jake | Photo: One of Susana's students

One of the activities we sometimes do in class is to get our students to tell us about the things of personal value they have in their pockets — or on their fingers or round their necks or in their handbags, rucksacks, or suitcases.

Susana brought her students up to the Internet Room last Friday and we added pictures of some of their objects to our "En mi bolsillo" blog — in the image, above, that's the mirror Jake carries around in his rucksack.

Take a look — there are some fascinating stories there…

Filming Spanish class

Adela videos a classroom activity 

Videoing an activity in Adela's Spanish class | Photo: Tom Walton

Oops! It's getting on for midnight and I've forgotten to post Magda's "photo of the day" — which I've left on my PC at work.

The best one I've taken myself today is the one above I think — of Spanish teacher Adela Maestre videoing an activity in her classroom on her digital camera. We've had 27 photos so far this month of Barcelona, but none of class and, hey, that's important too when you come here!

On the new blog belonging to our Spanish Teacher Training Department you can find out why Adela was filming the activity… If you're a teacher, it makes fascinating listening [interview in Spanish]

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