Modernista chemist's shop

Modernista lamp

Modernista lamp, Carrer Bruc | Photo: Tom Walton

Some of Barcelona's chemist's and other shops, as well as some of it bars, are one of the less-well known features of the city's Modernista architecture.

Right round the corner from IH, on the corner of Bruc with Ronda de Sant Pere [map], we have an example (detail, in the photo above) — a former chemist's that today is a clothes shop.

We had another Modernista lamp previously.

Window shopping in the Barrio Gótico

Shop window, Barrio Gótico

Window-shopping in the old city | Photo: Tom Walton

To a considerable extent the centre of Barcelona — the Barrio Gótico [map], that is — is fairly traffic-free (though you might want to watch out for kamikaze cyclists!).

It's nice, therefore, just to mooch about window-shopping. Aside from the souvenir shops, there are real shops too, if you care to explore…

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Too hot in Barcelona for Halloween


In a Barcelona shop window | Photo: Tom Walton

It's much too warm for it to be October (currently about 24-26ºC/76-78ºF, and the forecast for Barcelona is sunny for the long weekend).

Hard to believe that it's only three weeks to Halloween. If you're not on for a crazy night at Port Aventura, you will at least be getting dressed up, right? The costumes are in the shops…!

Dress for the recession

Cardboard dress

Cardboard cut out dress | Photo: Tom Walton

Barcelona's restaurants are half empty, taxi drivers reckon their fares have dropped off 25% and renting an apartment is now slightly cheaper (Yuppie!): the recession has reached Barcelona too.

The dress — loving cut out and fashioned from scraps of cardboard, but not intended to be worn — was outside a shop in a side street in Gracia.

Not intended to be worn… But just how bad can the recession get?!

Flowers and candlesticks

Candlesticks Barcelona shop window

In a shop window, Carrer Bruc | Photo: Tom Walton

Flowers, and floral motifs, are somehow part of Barcelona. There are the flower stalls on the Ramblas, familiar to any tourist, and those decorating Barcelona's Modernista buildings, if they choose to look more closely (here, and here and here at IH, for example).

To the natives, among other things flowers are the roses given on Saint George's Day, el dia de Sant Jordi

Because that is so, the candlesticks in the shop window just up the road seemed a nice memento of the city…