La Torre Agbar

Torre Agbar, BarcelonaListo para el despegue… | Photo: Irene Ucha

Mientras subo corriendo la Diagonal, la calle que cruza la ciudad de un extremo a otro, me encuentro con un icono de la nueva Barcelona.

El contraste es tan soprendente que es imposible no fijarse en la gran torre iluminada que apunta hacia el cielo.

Su forma polémica de cohete despega hacia la modernidad…

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Take that, Dragon!

Throttle that there dragon, Georgie!

Stonework, Casa Amatller, Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

If you look carefully, you'll find dragons (and statues of Saint George, our patron saint) carved all over Barcelona — if we ever ran out of ideas for things to photograph, we could easily do "30 days, 30 photos of Barcelona dragons"!

The one getting throttled above is one of my favourites — to be found at Passeig de Gracia 41, decorating Puig i Cadafalch's Casa Amatller, constructed between 1898 and 1900 for a rich Catalan chocolate maker, Antoni Amatller.

Right next door is Gaudí's picture-postcard Casa Batlló.

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El Mesón del Café

Meson del Cafe, Barcelona

Coffee in the heart of Barcelona | Photo Tom Walton

Earlier this week Irene posted a picture here of a gateway leading into the heart of Barcelona. Here's one today from the heart itself…

I guess lots of people must have somewhere in their city which, to them, is the center of the place. For me, it's a little coffee bar — the Mesón del Café — just off the Plaza Sant Jaume. I'm not sure why it's my center of the city… maybe it's the buildings in the streets of the old city you have to walk down to get there. But, here, I couldn't be anywhere else in the world but Barcelona…

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