Really wet in Barcelona…!

Wet in Barcelona

Wet in Barcelona… | Photo: Tom Walton

It's stopped now but it was really wet in Barcelona this morning, which didn't stop the tourists pottering round the Barrio Gótico (or the guitarists, see background), as you can see from our photo.

Because it happens so rarely, because everyone knows it won't last, Barcelona is nice when it's wet. Hop into a warm cafe down a sidestreet: somehow it's… romantic.

Wet in Barcelona!

Weather in Barcelona

When it's not warm and sunny in Barcelona, it's news. Right now, the sky is a dark, dark grey and it's raining heavily and, as you can see from the forecast (above), it'll be wet oh, at least until tomorrow.

At 19ºC, only someone from Barcelona would say it's actually cold (18º-10ºC translates to 66º-50ºF) but bring a jacket — and possibly an umbrella, as well — when you come.

Too hot in Barcelona for Halloween


In a Barcelona shop window | Photo: Tom Walton

It's much too warm for it to be October (currently about 24-26ºC/76-78ºF, and the forecast for Barcelona is sunny for the long weekend).

Hard to believe that it's only three weeks to Halloween. If you're not on for a crazy night at Port Aventura, you will at least be getting dressed up, right? The costumes are in the shops…!

Stoney faces, warm July

Stoney faces

Stoney face, Barrio Gótico | Photo: Tom Walton

There's a Springsteen song, isn't there, that talks about "stoney faces" being "left stranded on this warm July" (though that's not officially the line).

This July is warm but not unbearably hot, as Barcelona can become for a couple of weeks in the height of summer. And, if you wander round the Barrio Gótico (the old city), you'll find "stoney" faces everywhere.

Come with us on our social program this afternoon and see how many you can spot…