The tiles in the classrooms on E Floor

Tiles in Room E5

Classroom on E floor | Photo: Tom Walton

We've had a picture of the tiles on the floor in the classrooms at IH before (see related posts, below) but here's another one.

If you look on E and F floor in the school, you'll see that in fact there is just about a different set in each room. They're things we take for granted, perhaps, but are in fact one of the minor features of Modernista architecture.

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Spring flowers in Barcelona


Not just any daisies… | Photo: Tom Walton

We're actually having a little trouble identifying these (er…) flowers? We definitely call them margaritas here in Spain, which our colleagues reckon are daisies in English… Only surely that's what cows eat? Our Google Images search suggests Livingstone Daisies, but if you can put us out of our shameful ignorance, we'd be humbly grateful.

Anyway, they were lovely, and for Esther's birthday (¡Felicidades, Esther!). Esther is head of the Courses Abroad Department at IH Barcelona, which we all call "Viajes" (lit. Journeys). The "Viajes" Department sends our native Spanish students abroad to study English, French and German. "Native" Spanish speakers are around 65% of our total student body, and you're sure to come into contact with them — and not just at our Friday Club language exchange.

Barcelona is currently just about in full Spring and definitely full of flowers. Look out for the roses next Thursday (April 23)… Now there's a sensible, easy-to-identify flower!

Lunch? Right here in IH!

Salad with goat's cheese

Ensalada de queso de cabra con miel | Photo: Tom Walton

"Where can I go for somewhere nice for lunch — that's also cheap?" It's one of the "frequently asked questions" we answer for our students. How about right here in the bar in IH…?

The bar has recently changed ownership and the new menu has been scrutinised and sampled by some of Barcelona's fiercest restaurant critics (aka the staff at IH!).

The verdict? A unanimous "Excellent!!!"

XVI Encuentro Práctico ELE

Encuentro PrácticoTaking place in Barcelona tomorrow and Saturday is the sixteenth year of Encuentro Práctico, the annual conference for Spanish teachers, which International House Barcelona runs in collaboration with the publishers Difusión.

The Encuentro is one of the major annual get-togethers for the profession, attracting over 300 Spanish teachers from across Europe.

There is now also an Encuentro Práctico in Würzburg (Germany).

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An environment-friendly language school

EMAS registrationIH Barcelona is now registered under the European Union's Eco—Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

The scheme is designed to recognise organizations that "go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance" — and to encourage others to join them.

"You can help us, too," says Alberto Marin, who co-ordinates the scheme at IH Barcelona, "by saving paper by not printing things you really don't need, and not making unnecessary photocopies, to give two small examples."

There's a great pro-environment advertising campaign on TV here in Spain at the moment in which — for example — someone chucks away a drinks can, saying "Total, por una lata…", to which the reply is "El total es lo que cuenta…"

It's the total that counts…

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