Test yourself Barcelona

Casa Viçens

Spot the house… | Photo: Tom Walton

If you've been paying attention to the screen in the bar here at IH you'll already know the answer to this question: What's the name of the house in the picture above?

Possible answers:

  1. The Palau Güell
  2. The Casa Batlló
  3. The Palau de la Música
  4. The Casa Viçens

If you're familiar with Barcelona, there's one fairly obvious clue in the picture. Further information and the answer in the comments, below, with a bonus point if you can say which was/were not designed by Gaudí…

The Sagrada Familia: who dared call it ugly?

La Sagrada FamiliaOur "question of the week" last week (see the display screens in school) asked you who dared to suggest that Gaudí's Sagrada Familia (right) is one of the ugliest buildings in the world.

Your choices were:

  • Ringo Star
  • Former mayor of Barcelona, Pascual Maragall
  • George Orwell
  • Gaudí's mother-in-law

You have the answer in the comments, below.

If you want to form your own opinion, come along with us this afternoon — we're going to visit the Sagrada Familia on our social program.

How old is this Barcelona bridge?

Barcelona bridge

How "really old" is that… ? | Photo: Tom Walton

So you think you know Barcelona…? If you've been paying attention to the TV screen in the bar this week, you'll already know the answer to this week's question: how old is the bridge in the picture, right?

The possible answers:

  • 380 years (approx.)
  • 280 years
  • 180 years
  • 80 years

Answer in the comments, below.

Of course, if you'd come with us on the social program, you'd also have got the answer there. You could also have read about it here, on our blog.

Barcelona's "Arc de Triomphe"


Arco de Triunfo, Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

If you've been paying attention to the TV screens in Reception and the Bar here at IH you'll have seen that we're putting your knowledge of Barcelona to the (light-hearted) test.

This was the first question — what does Barcelona's Triumphal Arch celebrate?

The possible answers, with the correct one in the comments…

  • A The Spanish victory at the Battle of Lepanto in 1517
  • B Barça's first European Cup
  • C The end of the Peninsula War (1808-1814), known in Spain as the Guerra de la Independencia
  • D Nothing: it was the entrance to the 1888 Universal Exhibition

Find out more:

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