Video Spanish frases #16: ¡Tierra, trágame!

Susana explains this week's phrase, "¡Tierra, trágame!".

We all know the kind of situation: you just want to get out of there you're so embarrassed.

The example given is of what your kids get up to but we're pretty sure kids must often find themselves thinking or saying "¡Tierra, trágame!" when their parents embarrass them in public ;-)!

If you can think of an occasion on which it's happened, tell us in the comments 😉 !

Susana teaches on Spanish courses at IH Barcelona, as well as being a course tutor in our Spanish Teacher Training Department.

Video Spanish frases #15: De tal palo, tal astilla

Toni, who is the Assistant Director of Studies in our Spanish Department, and who you will almost certainly meet on your first day with us, explains the expression De tal palo, tal astilla.

We'd say it's an exact equivalent of the English expression "a chip off the old block" but we're happy for you to tell us we've got that wrong, in the comments… !

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Video Spanish frases #14: Ser un trozo de pan

This week's useful Spanish phrase literally means "s/he's a piece of bread", and it's a compliment!

In the video, Susana gives this example:

¿Qué tal Lucía? ¿Cómo es?
¿Lucía? Es una bellísima persona, es un trozo en pan

You know what really good, real bread tastes like? You remember…? That's what Lucía is like!

If you can think of a direct equivalent in English (or in other languages!), tell us in the comments, as we can't think of one this time!

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Video Spanish frases #13: Las cosas claras…

Isabel, who works for Net Languages on our online Spanish courses, has this week's expression for us.

People who use the expression, she says, tend to be very direct and say things like "A mi no me gusta que me hablen con rodeos*; me gustan las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso".

¿Ha quedado claro?

We're struggling for a direct equivalent of this one in English… If you can think of one, do add it to the comments.

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¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

*hablar con rodeos: to beat about the bush

Video Spanish frases #12: Más claro que el agua

Susana, who is a teacher on our Spanish courses as well as being a tutor in our Spanish Teacher Training Department, explains this week's Spanish phrase.

If your teacher has just explained a tricky grammar point (don't worry, there aren't too many of those in Spanish!), and checks "¿Ha quedado claro?", your answer is "Está más claro que el agua".

"¿Ha quedado claro?" is roughly "Is that clear?" in English, and for "más claro que el agua" we'd say "crystal clear". It's not an expression that Spanish people tend to use ironically or sarcastically.

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¡Feliz Navidad!