Barcelona's Modernista architecture

Doorway in the Born

Doorway in the Born | Photo: Tom Walton

One from our photowalking tour, yesterday, when the subject of Barcelona's Modernista architecture came up…

Among its characteristics was the use of floral motifs and we found a good example in this doorway in the Born district.

In our photo, you can see bananas and grapes; peppers, garlic and onions, and several other fruit and vegetables.

Photowalking trip, Thursday 2nd

Barcelona snail

Snail, Passeig Lluis Companys | Photo: Tom Walton

Our photowalking trip tomorrow takes us to the Parque de la Ciudadela, to see some of the things there and nearby. Shown, above, a snail decorating the Passeig Lluis Companys [map], which takes you down from the Arco del Triunfo to the park.

If you're interested in Barcelona's history, it's a really interesting walk.

We meet in the usual place, at 16.00. Don't forget your camera!

Photowalking the Ramblas

On the Ramblas

On the Ramblas: come with us this afternoon | Photo: Tom Walton

Our photowalking trip this afternoon, on our social program, takes us on a walk down the Ramblas and to places just off it — places like the Casa Bruno Quadros, the Miró mosaic (pictured, above), the Boqueria market and Gaudí's Palau Güell

We know you've already been up and down the Ramblas but come with us again: it's fun to watch the crowds and the street performers — and fun too to share the photos afterwards.

Don't forget your camera!

Monumental fountain, Parque de la Ciudadela

La Cascada, Parque de la Ciudadela

La Cascada, Parque de la Ciudadela | Photo: Tom Walton

One from this week's social program, our photowalking tour, which took us round one of the most attractive of Barcelona's parks

The park occupies the former site of the Ciudadela, the fortress built on the orders of Felipe V to dominate the city after the siege of Barcelona in 1713-14. Very little of the structure of the fort — in its day Europe's largest — remains, as it was eventually torn down in the late nineteenth century, to make way for the park.

The monumental fountain (by Josep Fontseré), inaugurated in 1881, counted a young Antoni Gaudí among its different architects.

Social program Barcelona, June 21-27

Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona

Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona: come along with us, Wednesday | Photo: Tom Walton

Your social program in Barcelona this week (and don't forget that Thursday is a holiday!)

  • Monday 21st | Our walk this afternoon takes us to see some of Barcelona's amazing Modernista buildings. Come along and find out what else there is in Barcelona, as well as Gaudí (16.00).
  • Tuesday 22nd | We're going down to the Plaza España this afternoon to visit the CaixaForum, Barcelona's most-visited art museum, and itself a wonderful example of Modernista architecture. Of what's currently on, we particularly like the two photography exhibitions that are on — Jacques Henri Lartigue and Isabel Muñoz (16.00).
  • Wednesday 23rd | Our photowalking trip this afternoon takes us to the Parc de la Ciutadella, and some of the historically fascinating things to be found close by. Don't forget your camera (16.00)!
  • Thursday 24th | Fiesta
  • Friday 25th | Our film today stars Oscar-winner Javier Bardem in the excellent Los lunes al sol. Come along and put your listening comprehension to the test (16.00)!
  • Friday 25th | If you came to our film, you got the listening practice; now get yourself some extra speaking practice by staying on for our Friday Club language exchange (in the bar/on the terrace, 19.00-21.00).

Meet in Reception ("C" floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above…