Barcelona, the world's third happiest city

We're actually slightly dubious about this one as there's no information at all on how the numbers were calculated and no indication of what "outdoor" is supposed to mean.

Also, for language, it should have been Catalan and Spanish, as Barcelona is very definitely a city in which you'll hear two languages spoken!

Here's the full infographic if you want to see which world cities could possibly have relegated us to third place!

Elsewhere, from sources possibly slightly more reliable, according to the Catalan News Agency (CNA), Barcelona is "among the world's top 15 cities regarding foreign investment, global competitiveness and scientific production" [full details]. Meanwhile, Mastercard says that Barcelona is "the tenth most visited city in the world".

Oh, and the British Government claim that Spain is "the number one country in the world for Britons committing 'benefit fraud abroad'". Now, that's nice to know!

Free public wifi network in Barcelona

Barcelona wifi networkBarcelona is in the process of setting up its public wifi network, with over 100 of the 200 planned stations now operational, and locations including libraries, museums, parks and sports centres.

Depending on the zone, access is restricted to 60 minutes a day, speed isn't great and you can't P2P — but you don't need to register and it's free…

The station closest to IH is the Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison, Sant Pere Més Baix 7 [map] but you have them all over the city.

>> Details, including maps (with info in English, Spanish and Catalan)