San Fermín (Pamplona)

Yikes! It's got horns!

A flyer… A 600kg flyer with ginormous horns!

You'd still be in time if you wanted to come with us to Pamplona this weekend for San Fermin — which starts July 7.

No? Very sensible of you…! San Fermín, however, is something not to be missed so here's a couple of alternatives:

  1. This week's Friday Club "San Fermín" special (come dressed in white, with a red bandana!) — 19.00 to 21.00 in the bar at IH
  2. Settle yourself in a bar with a big telly at about 7.50am, July 7-13, for the encierro (the running of the bulls Hemingway got so worked up about). It's an amazing spectacle, no matter how you feel about bullfighting
  3. Failing that, check it out on YouTube
  4. Try out this silly San Fermín video game
  5. Get serious, and check out your large bull evasion tactics on, where you can learn all about San Fermín

Apart from our regular social program, we can also organise other fun things for you (not usually dangerous ones!). Drop by Spanish Reception (on "C" floor) and pick up the flyers on what's on.

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