Lunch on a terrace in La Ribera

Plaza de les Olles

Lunchtime, Plaça de les Olles | Photo: Tom Walton

September and the weather is still warm enough to sit out on a terrace in your shirt sleeves (as it will be for at least another month or so…). It's one of the many delights of living in Barcelona.

In our photo today, the Plaça de les Olles [map] — literally (and appropriately!), "Cooking Pots Square", which is in the nearby district of La Ribera [map], down by the lovely church of Santa Maria del Mar.

The index of Barcelona street names on tells us that it's been called that since before 1865, because that's where pots were sold — and it's by no means the only square or street with names harking back to artesan craftsmen.

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