Survival Spanish: Get yourself a bocadillo!

Barbara is fed up of eating ham sandwiches every day. Her teacher Xavi suggests some basic vocab to add a little "spice" to breakfast…

  • Un bocadillo de jamón (a ham sandwich)
  • Un bocadillo de queso (a cheese sandwich)
  • Un bocadillo de queso con sobrasada (a cheese sandwich with sobrasada, see below)
  • Un bocadillo de tortilla (French omelette)
  • Un bocadillo de tortilla de patata (Spanish potato omelette)
  • Un bocadillo de chorizo (a cured spicy sausage)
  • Un bocadillo de butifarra blanca (a much milder white sausage meat typical of Catalonia)

Sobrasada (which is delicious, though Barbara doesn't fancy it!), is a soft sausage spread, seasoned with paprika, and is typical of Mallorca.

"¿Qué le pongo?" Xavi asks Barbara, pretending to be the camarero (barman): "What can I get you?"

Xavi then asks if she'd like her sandwich made with "pan con tomate" (bread spread with tomato and olive oil, typical of Catalonia). "¡Claro!" (Of course!) Barbara says: once you've tried your bocadillo with pan con tomate, you'll never eat it any other way!

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  1. I love sobrasada! It's delicious with scrambled eggs and also on toast with honey (thanks, Olga, for the latter suggestion!)

  2. How much does it cost links on your blog (Blogroll)?

  3. We don't accept paid links as we link only to content we think of genuine interest to our readers. See the "contact details" link at the top of this page if you think you have such content.

    Actually, come to think of it, how about 1,000 USD per link… .-)?

  4. Busco un pan que mi tía (Catalana) hacía en casa, me acuerdo
    que tenía nueces, pero así también azúcar rosada encima, pero sobre todo
    el gusto de anís. Hecho al horno, era un pan plano, ¿pueden
    Uds ayudarme con el nombre y receta?


  5. Perdona el retraso en contestarte, Guillermo (tuvimos que hacer una investigación a fondo por todas las panaderias del barrio ,-) !

    Creemos que hablas de la coca de anís… ¿Era eso?

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