Correfoc, Festa de la Mercè

Correfoc, Barcelona

Correfoc, Via Laietana (Barcelona)… Yes, those are bangers! | Photo: Tom Walton

The correfoc (literally "the fire run") is one of the big events of the Festa de la Mercè (September 21-24).

We're talking serious, organised banger-chucking here: it's spectacular and loud and either stand well back or else wear protective clothing (long sleeves, no shorts…).

There are in fact two correfocs, the one for kids (!), which starts on Carrer Manresa at around 18.30 (Saturday 22nd) and goes up Via Laietana to Francesc Cambó; and the really, really loud one that starts in the same place around 20.30 and goes the other way, to Plaça Antoni Maura, via Via Laietana to the Plaça Antonio López.

>> Full program of events (.pdf file, in Catalan)

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