Alcúdia, Mallorca

Street in Alcudia, Mallorca

Street in Alcúdia, Mallorca | Photo: Magdalena Urbanska

Magdalena has been over to Mallorca to visit IH Palma, our sister school on the island, where we also run Spanish courses. Alcúdia is in fact on the other side of the island from Palma, on the east coast, about 60km away, but if you do go you really must travel outside of Palma, and don't — whatever you do — just lie on the beach! If you're really energetic, you could hire a bike, though most people — like Magda — hire a car.

Alcúdia, Magda tells us, is an old town with Roman and Moorish influences. It's quiet, at least in comparison with Puerto Alcúdia, which is the resort with a fabulous beach, on the bay about 3km to the south, and a great spot to learn windsurfing and sailing.

Explore Mallorca — it's one of the many lovely corners of Spain!

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