So near and yet so far for Espanyol

A 90 minutos de la gloria…

A headline in yesterday's edition of 20Minutos, one of the freebie newspapers you'll find in Barcelona: Espanyol were "90 minutes away from glory" in the UEFA Cup final.

In the end, 90 minutes (or rather 120, as the game went to extra-time) was the closest Espanyol got. They came from behind twice, played nearly half the game with only 10 men, after a dodgy sending-off, equalised for the second time with under 5 minutes remaining… only to then lose out 3-1 on penalties.

When you come to Barcelona, add "go to a football match" to your "to-do list". We're crazy about the game here!

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Learning Spanish
Note the construction in the headline. We also say, for example, that Barcelona's amazing concert hall, the Palau de la Música "está a 2 minutos de IH" (is two minutes from IH), for that Sitges (if you want to go to the beach) "está a 40 kilómetros" (40 kms away). You could of course just stroll down to the beach right here in Barcelona!

While you're here, pick up a freebie paper in the morning — it's a great way to practise your Spanish!

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