A stroll round the Barrio Gótico

In the Barrio Gótico

In the Barrio Gótico, Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

The trip on our social program this Tuesday took us into the Barrio Gótico, the old part of Barcelona. The "Gothic Quarter" is something of a misnomer, Violeta explained to us, as in fact it's much older than that, as the Roman remains she showed us proved.

In the picture, above, Violeta (right) is explaining the origins of the Neogothic "Venetian" bridge linking the seat of government (the Generalitat) with Casa dels Canonges, the 15th century palace on the left.

There were in fact only four of us on the trip this afternoon (the rest of you were doing your Christmas shopping, huh?). But do come along on the program when you're here: even for someone — like myself — who has lived in Barcelona for 25 years can discover new things about the city.

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  1. This page on bcn.cat suggests that the term "Gothic Quarter" was an invention of Barcelona's municipal architects in the 1920s, who turned the Quarter into a "theme park" and that the name stuck.

  2. The bridge is from that period — 1928 to be exact, and is the work of Joan Rubió i Bellver, a contemporary of Gaudí.

    Rosario Fernandez points out that the date is just a year before that of Barcelona's second Universal Exhibition (1929), and might well have been constructed for it.

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