Barça vs Real Madrid, Real Madrid vs Barça

Plastic Barça players in a shop window | Photo: Tom Walton

We're in for an overdose of football this week. On Tuesday there's the return game of the semi-final of the Copa del Rey, Barça vs Real Madrid (kick-off 21.00), the first leg having finished 1-1.

Then on Saturday we get a rematch: in the Spanish League, Real Madrid vs Barça (kick-off 16.00).

There'll be a lot of screaming and shouting, no matter what the results, the top of the Ramblas will get smashed up as usual, and however good the football is, frankly none of it will be very edifying.

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  1. On Barça's website, you can buy tickets for Tuesday's game, starting at €89 (!!!),

  2. Well, well, well! That was a turnup for the books. 1-3 to Madrid! No one saw that coming! And thoroughly deserved it was.

  3. Yay! Can I be a CR fan here, or do you only allow pro-Barça comments 🙂 ??!! Un beso, K.

  4. Yes, Alex, no one would have bet money on that result!

    You can be a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, Kate, yes, but can you justify it 😉 ?

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