Mazinger at Norma Comics

Mazingerrrrrrrrr!!! | Photo: Tom Walton

Down the road at Norma Comics (Passeig de Sant Joan 9), they're celebrating their 30th anniversary with, among other things, the (larger than!) life-sized Mazinger in the window, who was hugely popular in Spain at one time.

Comics as a genre were — and still are — very popular in Spain, with the annual Salón Internacional del Cómic (April), and the Salón del Manga (Oct.31-Nov.3) being packed every year.

Tom says: Love that corner of town! Besides Norma Comics, there are five or six shops like Kaburi and GigaMesh down there for comics and boardgame freaks (like myself!)

Tom Walton works in technical support at IH Barcelona

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