Poble Nou: one of Barcelona's most interesting barrios

The Torre Agbar: how many rude names can you think of? | Photo: Tom Walton

Part of the district of Sant Martí [Wikipedia], and largely off the beaten tourist track [map], Poble Nou [Wikipedia] is one of Barcelona's most interesting barrios.

Formerly one of the most important of the city's industrial areas, there are warehouses and factories still to be seen, though of the latter, in some cases only the chimneys have been left standing.

Unlike much of the rest of Barcelona, there are large open spaces (some derelict, some turned into parks) while elsewhere there are ugly, tall new housing blocks alongside others (much lower, much more attractive) dating back to the first half of the 20th century.

Poble Nou is also home to the new 22@ technology and innovation district ("one of Europe's biggest urban regeneration schemes", according to Wikipedia) and to the singular Torre Agbar (aka, because of its shape, The Suppository, as well as various other cruder names [more photos]).

The pleasant Rambla de Poble Nou (like the Ramblas, only without the tourists) and the beach are places for a stroll while Razzmatazz is perhaps the place to sample Barcelona's nightlife.

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