Gaudí dragon at the Finca Güell

Dragon, Finca Güell

Raaaarrrrrrr ! | Photo: Tom Walton

In the image, above, one of the places we're going on the social program this afternoon — the gatehouse at the Finca Güell, for which Gaudí designed this magnificent dragon (Eusebi Güell having been one of Gaudí's great patrons, the Park Güell bearing his name).

We'll also be going to the gardens of the Palacio Real. We won't be going inside, but you might want to on another occasion: it houses both the Ceramics Museum and the Decorative Arts Museum.

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  1. That pic's awesome!

  2. Thanx Natxo — it's a pretty awesome dragon ,-) !

  3. Yeah, nice pic!

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