And the winner is…

Winning entry: Ver la vida de color rosa

Winning entry in our Sant Jordi competition | Photo: Tom Walton

As we do every year, in Spanish class we ran a writing competition for Sant Jordi (St.George), in which we asked you to describe your life in just 6 words which — because April 23 is also World Book Day — you then had to present in the form of a bookmark.

The winning entry was from Eili Rahner (Estonia), whose 6 words were "Ver la vida de color rosa" (trans. "See life through rose-tinted spectacles") and whose bookmark was in the shape of a flower (above), which then unfolded and turned into rose-colored spectacles.

Congratulations to Eili who won En tu cocina, a cookbook by celebrity chef Karlos Arguiñano, and thanks to all who participated.

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