Barcelona in the morning

Arc Tri

Barcelona's Arc de Triomf | Photo: Kim

Kim sent us this photo of the Arc de Triomf, which is just down the road from IH Barcelona, and says:

[I] saw your photo of the Sagrada Familia the other day and thought you'd like this one, taken on my way to work at about 8.50 in the morning. Bit in shadow and the photo doesn't really do it justice: when the sun is on the brick in the morning it's just amazing!

The Arc de Triomf [Wikipedia] was the main entrance to Barcelona's 1888 World Fair.

Gracias, Kim, love it!

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  1. I actually come down Passeig Sant Joan in the morning about the time and the Arc de Triomf always makes me think of Paris (and has done especially in the last few days).

    It's not the Champs-Élysées, but from about the Placa Tetuan, the view with the sun just coming up is also a lovely one.

    Got to love Barcelona in the winter!

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