Video Spanish frases #16: ¡Tierra, trágame!

Susana explains this week's phrase, "¡Tierra, trágame!".

We all know the kind of situation: you just want to get out of there you're so embarrassed.

The example given is of what your kids get up to but we're pretty sure kids must often find themselves thinking or saying "¡Tierra, trágame!" when their parents embarrass them in public ;-)!

If you can think of an occasion on which it's happened, tell us in the comments 😉 !

Susana teaches on Spanish courses at IH Barcelona, as well as being a course tutor in our Spanish Teacher Training Department.

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  1. Susana's example reminds me of a very small kid I once knew who was much too hot in the supermarket (in fact Barcelona's very own Marks&Spencers, now long gone). His parents were a little too slow to pay attention to him so he took ALL his clothes off and ran round the store with his parents in hot (and embarrassed!) pursuit.

    ¡¡¡Tierra trágame!!!

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