Restaurante Carmen: calçotada en Barcelona

Calcotada 101

Traditionally, a calçotada is a late-winter/early-spring barbecue held out in the open air, at which grilled calçots (a kind of spring onion) are eaten, followed by grilled meat (most typically butifarra, a Catalan sausage, and lamb cutlets) all of which is washed down with copious amounts of red wine. It gets messy, so you really need a bib for it 😉 !.

If you fail to make Catalan friends who invite you to one, Cristina recommends us a restaurant in Sants…

  • Nombre: Restaurante Carmen
  • Dónde: Valladolid 44 [mapa], Metro Plaça de Sants (L1 o L5) o Sants-Estació (L1 o L3)
  • Me gusta: Toda la información que tienen en su web sobre los calçots: receta de romesco, orígenes, etc.
  • Cuándo: Si no puedes disfrutar de una calçotada fuera de la ciudad, es una muy buena opción.
  • Para: Una calçotada
  • En la web:
  • Nos lo recomienda: Cristina.

Metropolitan has a great little guide (in English) on how to throw a calçotada if you want to try it in the back garden.

Further help with the vocab in the comments…

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  1. From the image that illustrates the post…

    You need to put on a bib (babero). Take our word for it, you need one!

    Peel (pelar) the calçot

    Dip it (remojarlo) en the sauce (salsa de romesco — see the Metropolitan article for the ingredients and recipe)

    Gobble it down (zampártelo, which is very colloquial Spanish)

    Take a swig (echar un trago) from the porrón (the peculiarly shaped vessel our calçot eater has in his other hand; make sure to take your swig from the right end 😉 !)

    Repeat x20 (or more!)

    Pass on to the second course (the segundo plato), grilled meats (carne a la brasa)

  2. I haven't had Calçots in this restaurant but a while back I used to eat here almost every day at lunch time. The food is really very good and so is the service. And those steaks on a stone look mouthwatering. I'm putting this place on my list of places to visit soon.
    PS: There is another Metro station very close by, Plaça del Centre (L3 – Green Line)

  3. Thanks for commenting, Marco.

    The steaks served on a stone thing (photo here) is also something of a local tradition, isn't it?

    I think I've also had one served on a roof tile.

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