Your power to change climate change

March 28th is Earth Hour and if you're here at IH Barcelona with us you will have seen that we've been creating posters to promote the #YourPower campaign, using whatever there was in the recycle bins:

YourPower to change climate change

The politicians aren't going to do anything about climate change, are they? They've done nothing whatsoever, despite all their commitments and empty promises so it's now down to you.

You could just do nothing, as Naomi Klein points out in her latest book:

We know that if we continue on our current path of allowing emissions to rise year after year, climate change will change everything about our world. All we have to do is nothing.
Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything

But we suggest you don't do that and set yourself a challenge that will make a difference.

Downstairs, in the front hall we've started to post our own challenges on the noticeboard:


We like this one, done in one of our Spanish classes:

No more hairdryer

Giving up your hairdryer to help halt climate change (and it's great for your hair, too!)

And this one:

No more meet

No more meat — even if it's only for seven days… Or here's a really neat idea !

We liked them because they're small, because they're simple, and because — if we all did them, and carried on doing them — they'd make a difference.

Your challenge can be anything, it doesn't have to last the whole month, but you can't just do nothing!

Post it downstairs on the noticeboard (or here, in the comments, if you like…!)

NOTE We have an environment policy at IH Barcelona, an environment officer and EMASIII and ISO 14001 environmental seals of approval — but you have to help us.

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  1. Me gustó tanto la cita de Naomi Klein que compré el libro (en Amazon, donde voy a borrar mi cuenta para siempre).

    Truly scary!

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