Two short Spanish novels everyone should read

Novels by Delibes and Sender

Two short novels we think you'd like and find productive to read if you're learning Spanish.

Las ratas (1962), by Miguel Delibes (1920-2010) is "una denuncia social que muestra la mísera existencia en los pueblos sometidos al latifundismo, con sus habitantes sometidos a la tiranía del dueño de las tierras", according to its Wikipedia entry. It's not that difficult a read and we also highly recommend El Camino (1950), by the same author.

Réquiem por un campesino español (1953), by Ramón J. Sender (1901-1982), says Wikipedia "narra con una atmósfera de tensa calma los sucesos más importantes de la vida de Paco el del Molino, así como la intriga, la venganza, el miedo y la ira a la que se ve sometido" around the time of the Spanish Civil War. It's a very short novel — great for your motivation if you're learning the language! "Yay: now I can read novels in Spanish!" you can tell yourself when you reach the end.

Here at IH Barcelona we have a charity book fair on, with all proceeds going to Camfed. We've already sold Las ratas but have several copies of Réquiem left and lots of other books too if you want some reading comprehension practice (as a learner, you do!) and would like to contribute to a wonderful cause.

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