Instagram competition for Sant Jordi

Instagram Sant Jordi competition

Sant Jordi (St George) is the patron Saint of Catalonia and on the Diada de Sant Jordi (St George's Day, April 23) here in Barcelona we celebrate, giving each other books and roses.

Until April 28 you have time to enter our Instagram competition, in which you have to capture the essence of Sant Jordi in order to win up to €400 discount on a course here at IH Barcelona.

Saturday is probably the day to be about with your camera (expect the centre of Barcelona to be packed!), though just about any day of the year is a good one to be about with a camera: one of our favourite Barcelona sports: dragon hunting!

You could consider making yourself some ecological roses like we did last year and we've also got a charity book fair on this week, in aid of a school in Ecuador.

See also photographs hashtagged #ihbcnstjordi so far | the rules of the competition

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