Recommended reading: Julio Cortázar's wonderful short stories

Queremos tanto a Glenda

On Instagram earlier this week, we recommended books by two Spanish novelists, Miguel Delibes and Ramón J. Sender, which we happened to come across in the library here at IH Barcelona.

Because today is World Book Day, and here in Barcelona it's Sant Jordi (St George), here's another one we came across in the same place — one of the many wonderful collections of short stories by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar (1914-1984).

If you're learning Spanish, you might find Cortázar's novels a little heavy going at times, but his short stories we highly recommend. You will like Queremos tanto a Glenda (the title story refers to the British actress Glenda Jackson)  and another of our favourites is Octaedro. If you're C1 or above, try Todos los fuegos el fuego.

If you're learning a language, read — lots!

And if you'll looking for a book to give to someone (or yourself 😉 !) today, Julio Cortázar.

Bon Dia de Sant Jordi!

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