Taxdirt Street: Barcelona's curious streetnames

Carrer de Taxdirt

Taxdirt Street

One of Barcelona's more curious streetnames — Carrer de Taxdirt — which is funny if you think what it means in English, and decidedly unfunny if you think how Spain's politicians and footballers get away with not paying their taxes. In fact, the origin of the name of this street in the barrio of the Guinardó lies in a cavalry charge in Spain's war in Morocco in 1909-10 (YouTube).

You can discover the origins of Barcelona's streetnames on Our street — Trafalgar — shouldn't need any explanation but the name of street out back — Ortigosa — where we have classrooms in our new building comes from a village in the province of Logrono, the birth place of the landowner whose family sold the land to the city so that the road could be built.

Nothing to do with stinging nettles (Sp = ortigas), in other words!

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