Trash People in Barcelona

Trash People, Barcelona

Trash People, Plaza Real Barcelona | Photo: Tom Walton

Only for a week, until June 9, we have 300 of HA Schult's Trash People adorning the Plaza Real in the city centre.

Constructed mostly out of tin cans with the odd computer component thrown in, they occupy most of the square. "We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash. Therefore HA Schult's 'Trash People' are images of ourselves", according to the Trash People website (link below).

To be honest, I'd have been more impressed if they didn't appear to be mass-produced, weren't laid out in rigidly straight lines and weren't all the same height… Perhaps I'm missing something!

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  1. I've always thought it a pity that the Plaza Real is a bit run down, and not frequented by the locals as the Plaza Mayor is in, say, Salamanca.

    Barcelona's Plaza Catalunya is so ugly, if you ask me, and the Plaza Real so lovely in comparison…

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