Fisherman and tourists, the Olympics and lunch on this week's social programme


Come with us to Montjuïc on Wednesday for some wonderful views of the city | Photo: Tom Walton

Our social programme takes you to lots of Barcelona's different barrios, and we've a couple for you this week. Come with us on Wednesday as well for the magnificent views of just about all the districts of the city.

  • Tuesday 18th | The barrio of Barceloneta was built on reclaimed land and dates back only to the 18th century but once housed Barcelona's fishermen and then, later, factories. Both are now long gone and have been replaced by a lot of noisy tourists, but the district still retains a peculiar, original flavour (16.00).
  • Wednesday 19th | The 1992 Olympics changed large parts of Barcelona — among them the mountain of  MontjuïcWikipedia ], which overlooks the city and which is where we're going this afternoon. Bring your camera or phone along: the views [ Flickr | Instagram ] are fantastic (16.00) !
  • Thursday 20th | Come with us this afternoon to visit two of Barcelona's food markets: Santa Catalina, which is under 10 minutes away, and then across the Barrio Gótico to the Ramblas and the Boqueria [ video ], the more famous of the two. Both are great places to go for lunch (see this article on The Guardian for suggestions). Bring your camera (16.00) !
  • Friday 21st | Join us on the terrace and in the bar after class today for our very popular Friday Club language exchange (19.00-21.00).

Join us in Spanish Reception (C floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

Also this week | Just when you thought we could all have a nice summer break from football, along comes the International Champions Cup (in the US), so plonk yourself down in front of the telly on Sunday for the Barça vs Juventus game.

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