Sant Jordi on our social programme

A rose for Sant Jordi

A rose for Sant Jordi | Photo: Tom Walton

It's a very special week in Barcelona. Come with us on our social programme (especially Monday) and see why.

  • Monday 23rd | It's Sant Jordi (St. George), the patron saint of Catalonia, and a very special day in the Barcelona year. We give books and roses to our loved ones. Come with us this afternoon and see what's happening around the (completely packed!) city centre.
  • Wednesday 25th | Come with us this afternoon to visit Montjuic.
  • Thursday 26th | Feria de abril
  • Friday 27 | We have a different theme each week for our Friday Club language exchange. Come along and celebrate in the bar/on the terrace (19.00-21.00)
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