100 Years of the Via Laietana

Plaça de l'Angel, Via Laietana

Plaça de l'Angel, Via Laietana | Photo: Tom Walton

Looking at it today, seeing the traffic heading down into and away from the port area, it's hard to imagine that 100 years ago the Via Laietana [map] didn't exist, and that in 1908 work started on it, cutting a swathe through the old city.

Taking its name from the Laietanii, the pre-Roman Iberians who inhabited the region, it's perhaps not one of Barcelona's most attractive avenues. It has an "aire mestizo, entre el discreto Ensanche y la metrópoli norteamericana", says El País.

To its left and right, two of the most picturesque districts of Barcelona, La Ribera and the Barrio Gótico… which the Via Laietana separates.

>> Photos, Via Laietana 1911-1932
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  1. Now THAT'S what Barcelona looks like, not what Woody Allen tried to make it look like!!!! Un beso. K.

  2. A mí me gusta la Via Laietana. ¡Qué se le va a hacer!

  3. Sí — a mi también me gusta. Es fea pero a la vez atractiva… Te lleva a muchas partes de la ciudad.

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