Graffiti, Barrio de La Ribera

Graffiti, Barrio de la Ribera

Graffiti, Barrio de la Ribera | Photo: Tom Walton

Barcelona's La Ribera district — to the left of the Via Laietana as you head down towards the port — is "our" district, as on Calle Trafalgar IH stands right on its edge, right where the (long gone) medieval walls stood.

Strictly speaking, our distrito is the Ciutat Vella (the "old city"), and of the three barrios on the left of Laietana (Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera) we're officially Sant Pere, with La Ribera ("the shore") being nearest the port — though wander about and live here long enough and it's La Ribera that will somehow start to feel like home.

It's less popular with the tourists than the picture-postcard Barrio Gótico, but somehow more genuinely Barcelona…

Bring your camera and come along with us next Tuesday (14th October) on the social program as we'll be photowalking the Ribera then…

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