Survival Spanish: Get yourself a coffee!

Gimme a coffee!

And gimme a carajillo, too! Clockwise from left: cortado, café con leche, café solo | Photo: Tom Walton

Survival Spanish has got to start somewhere: and where better than with getting yourself a first coffee of the day…? How do you want it?

Un café solo >>
Un café largo >>
Un cortado >>
Un café con leche >>
Un café americano >>
Un descafeinado >>
Un carajillo >>

Café solo is usually a very small black expreso (ask for a café largo if you want more water, or a café americano if you like it as people drink it in Britain or the US (ie weak, with too much water).

A cortado is a small expreso with a dash of milk; if you prefer it bigger and milkier, ask for a café con leche.

A descafeinado is "decaf", a carajillo is for the adventurous (and not before class!): with a dash, often a very large dash, of brandy (coñac), rum (ron) or Baileys.

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