Barcelona's history and architecture on this week's social programme

Josep Llimona, Desconsuelo | Photo: Tom Walton

Desconsuelo, statue by Josep Llimona in the Parque de la Ciudadela | Photo: Tom Walton

Note that there's a national holiday in Catalonia on Tuesday so (exceptionally) we have something for you on Monday on our social programme this week:

  • Monday 10th | Come with us today to explore the popular district of Gracia [information & map]: interesting history, lovely architecture, great bars (and, in August, a really great festa major)! We'll also be seeing one of the less well-known Gaudí works, the Casa Viçens, now open to the public if you want to go inside (in which case book yourself a ticket online, min €16) (16.00).
  • Tuesday 11th | National holiday in Catalonia for the Diada, which commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714 and the loss of Catalan independence. School will be closed.
  • Wednesday 12th | Our walk this afternoon takes us to visit the lovely Parque de la Ciudadela, which lies on the site of the fortress built to dominate the city after the siege of 1714, which was demolished in 1868 and then became the site — in 1888 — of Barcelona's first Universal Exposition. If you're interested in architecture, and the history of Barcelona, there are some fascinating things to see on today's trip (16.00).
  • Thursday 13th | One you just must see: the best known Gaudí building in Barcelona, the still unfinished Sagrada Familia, though it's supposed to be finished in 2026 (see this video if you can't wait that long!). If you want to go inside, note that it costs a minimum €15 but is definitely not something to be missed. Book your ticket online if you want to do that. See also some of the cool pictures to be found on the official Sagrada Familia Instagram feed (16.00).
  • Friday 14th | You've got to start your Barcelona weekend somewhere. Why not start it with us at our Friday Club language exchange, where you can practise all the languages you know? In the bar/on the terrace, 19.00-21.00.

Join us in Spanish Reception (C floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

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