A thousand years of art and dance that goes back to the Aztecs and Incas


The Palacio Nacional, housing the MNAC's 1000 Years of Art | Photo: Tom Walton

If art is your thing, we've got a couple of trips on our social programme this week that you're going to love. If it's dance, rather than art, that makes you want to get up and bop, come along on Friday!

  • Tuesday 11th | This afternoon's trip takes us to see some of Picasso's Barcelona: it includes some of the most picturesque of the streets of the Barrio Gótico (Petrixol, Avinyó…); places like the 4 Gats restaurant (a bohemian taberna in Picasso's time); the Estación de Francia (from where he first travelled to Paris at the age of 21); and the Carrer de Montcada, where the Picasso Museum now stands (16.00).
  • Wednesday 12th | One for art-lovers this afternoon: our trip takes us down to the Plaza España to see the 1000 years of art in the outstanding collection at the MNAC, the Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (photo, above) (16.00).
  • Thursday 13th | No event
  • Friday 14th | Do you know what Latin dance is? It includes things like salsa, mambo, merengue and rumba, and has evolved from complex origins that goes back to the Spanish conquest of Latin America, and beyond. Wikipedia has an entry about it if you want to find out more, though YouTube will be more enlightening for some practical examples. Or why not come along today and actually get some hands- (and feet!) -on practice. Dani has a fun Latin dance workshop for you (16.00)!
  • Friday 14th | Also on Friday, we have our Friday Club language exchange as usual so stick around after the dancing for some fun Spanish conversation practice. In the bar/on the terrace (19.00-21.00).

Join us in Spanish Reception (C floor), unless otherwise stated, at the times given above.

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