Graffiti cars

Graffiti cars

Cars on Hospital Militar | Photo: Tom Walton

In Spanish class, we sometimes get our students to go out and survey what people like and dislike about Barcelona, apart from anything else as they then have to interview and understand native speakers, collate results and so on — which is great practice.

There's no agreement, ever, on "What do you like most about Barcelona?". The food, the architecture, Barça, the Picasso museum, the girls… People come up with the most amazing variety of answers.

What do people like least? Now, there's a lot more agreement on that and top of the list tends to be the traffic.

There hasn't been a noticeable drop in the traffic due to la crisis (yet!), though all the major car firms have recently dropped out of this year's edition of Barcelona's international motor show (May 7-19), and people haven't yet been driven to taking the train (another pet hate for many of Barcelona's commuters).

Cars aren't really a very attractive thing, are they? But if graffiti is a form of art, the ones on Hospital Militar were art…

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