Art and architecture in the Plaza España

Looking towards Plaza España

Looking towards the Plaza España | Photo: Tom Walton

Our picture here was taken in the Parque de Joan Miró [map], looking towards the Plaza España. Left to right, you can see the Las Arenas bullring; in the distance, the dome of the Palacio Nacional, just visible; foreground, Miró's Dona i Ocell statue; and the Allianz tower.

Las Arenas hasn't seen a bullfight since 1977 and the cranes are there transforming it into a new commercial and leisure centre, to a design by architect Richard Rogers, which will conserve the outer shell.

The Palacio Nacional houses the fabulous collection of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC), one of Barcelona's truly outstanding art galleries, with exhibits dating back as far as the eleventh century.

The Miró statue Dona i Ocell (Mujer y Pájaro) was his last major work and is notable for the trencadis tilework that covers it, also to be found in the Park Güell, among other places. Not quite visible in the photo, like the MNAC also on Montjuic and equally outstanding, is the Miró Foundation.

And the Allianz tower is one of the many spanking new office blocks running the length of the Carrer de Tarragona.

The juxtaposition of different styles of art and architecture is one the things that makes Barcelona so fascinating.

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