Day trip to Seville

A glimpse of Seville

Seville, with the Giralda there on the horizon| Photo: Tom Walton

You probably don't want to make visiting Seville a day-trip from Barcelona. It's only a 90-minute flight but there's far too much to see in a day and, really, even a long weekend is going to feel too short.

We went today, not to do any sightseeing but for a meeting to finalise details of our new online Spanish teacher training course, which begins February 2, and which has been developed by IH Barcelona and three of the other IH Spain Spanish schools.

You could spend years exploring just Barcelona, but there are some equally wonderful other places in Spain — and Barcelona has got great transport links to many of them.

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  1. We got a flight for about 105 euros return per person, from ClickAir. SpanAir and Vueling are two alternatives for internal Spanish flights. and e-Dreams are two sites that are good for comparing travel prices for Spain.

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