Lunch in Seville

Seville restaurant

The view from our table | Photo: Tom Walton

Our lightning visit to Seville yesterday to discuss our elearning course regrettably gave us no time for sightseeing. Happily, however, a packed meeting agenda didn't mean that our hosts, Clic IH Seville, couldn't take us out for a delightful lunch ,-) !

The taxi ride from the airport into the old city centre and the stroll to and from the restaurant gave us the most fleeting of glimpses of what a lovely city Seville is. It's clean and tidy and the houses have wonderful patios and backstreets you just want to wander down…

I hadn't been to Seville for nearly 30 years and didn't remember it like that. It's perhaps one of the dis-advantages of living somewhere like Barcelona: you end up, like many of its fiercely proud natives, imaginging it's the most wonderful — the only wonderful — place in the world.

Seeing other places comes as something of a shock…

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