Last chance for Barça

The Spanish League comes to a thrilling climax tonight, on the last day of the season. If Real Madrid beat Mallorca, they'll win it; if they fail to do so, and Barça win away to bottom-of-the-table Nástic, Barça will.

Barça will be hoping Mallorca can do a "Tenerife", Real Madrid having blown the league twice on the last day of the season by failing to beat Tenerife, back in 1991-92 and 1992-93.

If that happens, get down to the top of the Ramblas at about 11 tonight for the celebrations; if it doesn't, pretend you don't really like football anyway!

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  1. Barça won 1-5 and with Real Madrid 0-1 down to Mallorca until the 68th minute, Barça were champions.

    When Madrid, not looking their best, then equalised, Barça were still two points ahead, but it was not to be. Madrid scored again in the 81st and 84th minute… and were champions, on the same number of points as Barça but winners, having beaten Barça 2-0 back in October.

    There was a lot of shockingly bad football in the Liga this season — but it came to a thrilling finish in the last six weeks or so!

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