Una Estrella, por favor!

Una jarra

Una jarra… ¡Salud! | Photo: Tom Walton

In a previous post, you learnt how to order yourself a coffee in Spanish. Now let's get ourselves a beer or two!

Una Estrella >>
Una Voll Damm >>
Una mediana >>
Un quinto >>

Most Spanish people ask for their beer by name — Estrella and Voll Damm are the two most popular brands, with the latter being stronger (5.4º vs 7.2º). Bottled beer is the norm, with a mediana being 0.33 litre, a quinto 0.20 litre.

Una jarra >>
Una caña >>

If you prefer your beer out of a barrel, you want a jarra if you're thirsty or are in a hurry to party, or a caña if you want a little glass a kid might bring milk out of.

Una clara >>
Una clarita >>

In the summer, a clara is refreshing — usually being half beer, half lemon Fanta or Schweppes. (Marga's clarita there is purely a diminutive form: she'll be disappointed if her glass is smaller than the average clara!)

Un tercio >>
Un botellín >>

We've provided you with what people ask for in Barcelona; elsewhere in Spain, they call a mediana un tercio, a quinto un botellín.

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