Spring flowers in Barcelona


Not just any daisies… | Photo: Tom Walton

We're actually having a little trouble identifying these (er…) flowers? We definitely call them margaritas here in Spain, which our colleagues reckon are daisies in English… Only surely that's what cows eat? Our Google Images search suggests Livingstone Daisies, but if you can put us out of our shameful ignorance, we'd be humbly grateful.

Anyway, they were lovely, and for Esther's birthday (¡Felicidades, Esther!). Esther is head of the Courses Abroad Department at IH Barcelona, which we all call "Viajes" (lit. Journeys). The "Viajes" Department sends our native Spanish students abroad to study English, French and German. "Native" Spanish speakers are around 65% of our total student body, and you're sure to come into contact with them — and not just at our Friday Club language exchange.

Barcelona is currently just about in full Spring and definitely full of flowers. Look out for the roses next Thursday (April 23)… Now there's a sensible, easy-to-identify flower!

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