Learning taking place

Breakfast on the terrace

Friends, having breakfast on the terrace… | Photo: Tom Walton

Jihye (South Korea), Sigin (China), Coralie (Switzerland) and

Annika (Sweden) were having a leisurely breakfast during the mid-morning break from their DELE exam course (with the exam coming up this Friday!) and one of our photographers, Tom, asked if they'd mind if he took the above picture.

"As a former English teacher," Tom explains, "I've always wondered whether or not you could photograph the actual instant learning takes place. I could see learning happening there, though maybe the photograph inevitably fails to capture completely what was occurring."

What was happening? We had four people who had made friends, who were relaxed and enjoying themselves and enjoying using Spanish for real purposes, to communicate things to each other…

When you come to Barcelona, do make the most of opportunities like that; make yourself opportunities like that — they're vital to language learning.

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  1. Fantástica fotografía de un momento fantástico 🙂

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