Barcelona's industrial architecture

Carrer Ortigosa

Detail, façade Almacenes Serra Balet | Photo: Tom Walton

Out the back of IH, on Ortigosa [map], there's an example of an early 20th-century warehouse, designed by Josep Graner Prat (1844-1930), which originally belonged to the textile firm Manufacturas Serra Balet S.A [source].

It's more or less contemporary with more famous examples of Barcelona's Modernista architecture and on the façade you will find elements that the building shares with its grander older brothers. It's nowhere near as famous as another example in Barcelona, the building that now houses the CaixaForum, or as large as some of the other factory buildings built in the same period, but curious — and close-by! — nevertheless.

Among other buildings by Graner Prat, there is the Casa Fajol (1912), aka the Butterfly House [Llança 20, map], because of the unusual decoration on its façade.

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